Waco Sires

WACO Addictive .jpg


A dark clean coated bull with an exceptional carcass. Addictive has a moderate frame and is always in good condition. His son, Waco Foxtrot was retained for stud use last year as he has Addictive’s outstanding Santa Gertrudis character and body. We are excited to see Waco Addictive’s heifers coming through as they have his great doing ability and softness.



Baron is a polled son of Waco Samson and was retained to pass on his deep hind quarter, good sheath and quiet temperament. He is a moderate growth bull with great constitution. Last year, twelve of his first sons sold to average $7,000.

SIRE:  Waco Samson



Carter is a mountain of a bull. Big boned, dark, poll with muscle to burn. We used Carter in our multiple herd and through DNA discovered that he is doing an outstanding job and have single sire mated him this year. His sire Waco Watson left us with fertile females and bulls with large testicles. To date, nine of his sons have sold for a $6,500 average.

SIRE: Waco Watson (P)



Cracker is a bull we think a lot of and admire his length, strong topline and extremely thick hindquarter. His son Waco Falcon was Junior Champion at Wandoan Feature show this year and will be retained for use within the Waco Stud. Cracker is a horned bull by the successful Yarrawonga Versatile and while his bulls are good we are excited by the females he is producing. 

SIRE: Yarrawonga Versatile (PS)



Digger is a son of Yarrawonga Youtube (P) and is a long bull with a great topline and thick hindquarter. He also has big testicles and excellent sheath. These are his first sons offered for sale.




Diego is a soft deep body bull with outstanding breed character. He is always in good condition and is passing this great constitution onto his progeny. We are looking forward to seeing his heifers perform as they have his character and softness.



Falcon is a bull we think has all the attributes to have a major influence in our stud. He has the maturity pattern that we want in all our cattle. Heavy at an early age with an amazing depth of body and an incredible constitution. At 23 months, he had an EMA of 140cm with a fat measurement of 14/12, 40cm testicles and an 88% morphology. All this combined withbeautiful breed character, tidy sheath and near prefect structural soundness makes him promising sire of the future.

Sire: Waco Cracker



Waco Xray [P] was retained in the stud for his length, strong muscle pattern with the ability to lay down fat, great constitution & sheath.   He is a very efficient bull, travels well and has a good disposition.    His son, Yarrawonga J574 (P), was a high selling bull at the 2014 sale purchased by the Murgona Stud for $44,000.   Yarrawonga J848 (P) was purchased by the Glencol stud for $12,000.  Yarrawonga J1022 went to Hatcham Downs for $13,000.   Thirty-two Xray bulls have sold for an average of $5956.

SIRE:   Yarrawonga Officer (P)



Yale is a large frame poll bull that has exceptional breed character. He was retained to use in the stud as a two year old and joined in multiple herds for his first two years and then single sired. Yale’s progeny exhibit a good combination of growth, muscle pattern and softness.  A son of Yale, Waco Einstein was awarded Reserve Junior Champion at Beef 2015 and was purchased by the McCue Family, Tookey Creek & Jarrah Park Studs at last year’s sale for $ 47,500.   Emperor (P) went to the Tiller Family, Goolagong Stud for $50,000.   Five bulls averaged $22,060.

SIRE:   Watasanta Ants Pants (P)



Yarrawonga Bass is a high-performance bull. Long, growthy with plenty of muscle, large testicles and an excellent sheath. We thought enough of him to use as a single sire bull even with his multiple pedigree. Six sons have sold to average $12,250 including Diplomat who sold to Craig Hindle, Bullamakinka for $34,000 in 2014.



El Salvador was purchased for an Australian Santa Gertrudis record price of $90,000 in 2015 from Yarrawonga Santa Gertrudis. We admired him for his body capacity, strong topline, softness and structural soundness. He has proven to have excellent fertility with his cows testing well in calf each year. His first progeny have been weaned this year and they look to have all of his outstanding attributes. We have used him in embryo and AI programs as well as naturally mated and look forward to watching his progeny develop.

Sire: Yarrawonga Avenger 



A horned bull that was retained for his outstanding carcass and tidy sheath. F126 has been used in our multiple herd as a bull that puts grunt into his progeny.



Orgasmic was purchased for $22,000 in 2014 from Dunlop Santa Gertrudis. We admired him for his incredible length of body and thickness. These are his first sons presented for sale.